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Mondi can jump, but more importantly, Mondi can stick, to anything! Help Mondi escape a research facility full of danger and... Sticky, situations...

Mondi is a 3D platformer in which you take control of Mondi, a small slime who has just awoken inside of what looks like a growing vat.

It is now up to you to guide the very sticky Mondi across multiple dangerous levels, have you got what it takes to survive long enough to escape this broken down science facility?

Mondi is a vertical slice created using Unreal Engine over the course of 4 weeks by students at Futuregames, a game design and real-time 3D focused Associate degree collage in Stockholm, Sweden.

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mondi-win.zip 1 GB
Version 1.0.0

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Escape the lab in this adorable game from the Devs that brought us Ley Lines! We must help Mondi make his way out of his hellish prison! Stick to any surface and climb your way to freedom!

Thank you again Devs for another great indie game!

This game was cute and fun. My only complaint is it felt like it was dragging a bit towards the end, but enjoyed it overall


Mondi is an amusing little post apocalyptic platformer with some really nice visuals. Both the art and level design are really well done, with the accompanying music being a good fit for what's going on. The sticky mechanic is pretty solid, with the limit on how many times you can stick/jump posing just the right amount of challenge. 

Good job devs. I mention it in my video, but I wouldn't mind seeing more of this, or something of a similar nature. Good stuff.

I was initially worried that the sticky grab would trivialize the platforming, and to some extent it did, but it added more than it took away. Besides a few minor camera issues, the character depth being a little hard to judge and one crash, the game is pretty damn great. Beautiful levels, great environmental storytelling and simple but engaging gameplay, it's just a good package all around!

Another great let's play, thanks for playing I thoroughly enjoyed watching your struggles, there's actually a (albeit small) alternate ending should you pick up all of the seeds!

this isnt working

Can you tell me what errors you are getting?

(1 edit)

the download just downloads an uninstaller. It may just be my computer though. Anyway, i dont get the game, just an uninstaller. (edit) what i mean is, when i launch it it asks me if i want to deleat all of what i had just downloaded, if i say no, it closes the game. If i say yes, it gets rid of everything,

That, I agree does sound like a bug! I've uploaded a new version now, which works for me both in the app and when downloading, should work for you as well!


And...another Futuregames project covered. I got attached to this one quick. Or it got attached to me? Either way, cute and a good platforming experience. :) 


Thanks for another great let's play, so much fun watching you look over the story bits!